Pocket Casts changes offer for longtime users following backlash

Pocket Casts:

We made some pretty big changes this week, and we’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. Although we intended to demonstrate our appreciation to our most loyal users, we know many of you feel we missed the mark. With that in mind, today we’ve decided to provide any user who previously purchased our Web version with lifetime access to Pocket Casts Plus.

One would assume — as I did — that the three years offered to longtime users would be more than enough to make people happy. Apparently not, since a handful of more vocal users complained enough to get the company to instead offer lifetime access to Pocket Casts for people who paid the one-time fee of $9 for the web player before Plus was released yesterday.

I can’t believe people not only felt entitled enough to more than the originally offered three years but also that they wouldn’t be comfortable paying the more than affordable annual fee of $10 (after three years) to support an app they’ve clearly gotten so much use out of.

As an aside, I’m calling BS on the “they said we’d only have to pay once four years ago” argument. Pocket Casts is hardly what it was three or four years ago and I’d argue there’s been more than enough updates to essentially make it an entirely new app or service.

I saw a great reply to this news on Twitter by Zak Kaufman:

I couldn't agree more.