Initial thoughts on Disney+


I took a quick look at the Disney+ app on Apple TV this morning.

The process of signing up was painless. Creating an account takes a couple seconds and you’re able to link your subscription to your Apple ID so I didn’t have to fumble around with my credit card. The Apple TV app itself is simple, easy to use, and apparently integrates with the Apple’s TV app, though I didn’t see this in action.

I love having profiles for each user including the ability to specify a child account for my son. Signing into his account showed us content that was more suited for him whereas my account featured The Mandalorian, Captain Marvel, etc.

Speaking of content, there’s almost more available than I will ever possibly be able to watch, with more coming in the new year as deals with Netflix and others expire. A couple that I’m looking forward to checking out first are—obviously—The Mandalorian, the 90s Marvel animated shows (Spider-Man, X-Men, Silver Surfer, etc), and some of the Pixar movies we don’t already have.

Overall, great first impression. I can’t wait to dig in deeper this evening.