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Reviews of Resident Evil 3 critical of game’s length

Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3

While the majority of reviews I’ve read have been extremely positive about Capcom’s latest Resident Evil remake, one of the biggest and most confusing complaints I’ve seen so far from a handful of game reviewers is that the new Resident Evil 3 is short, particularly when compared to last year’s RE2 remake. Though, if they’ve played the original game, what exactly were they expecting?

The original Resident Evil 3 was considerably shorter than Resident Evil 2 for the simple fact that it had one campaign, that swapped between the two playable characters as opposed to RE2’s A and B campaigns for both Claire and Leon.

It’s also worth noting that Capcom has included the Resistance multiplayer game with RE3 at no additional cost, likely to address the length of the game’s campaign.