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Post-game thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake

I took the time to finish up the game yesterday and was really happy with it overall. Without spoiling anything, the ending wasn’t quite what I expected, having played the original many times, but I understand the reason(s) for the changes.

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Visually, the game was stunning, particularly the pre-rendered scenes. In terms of scale, Midgar felt huge. Looking up at the plates from the slums, or climbing topside, it was pretty surreal. The soundtrack was perfect and the combat, once I got a handle on it, was smooth and incredibly satisfying.

Aerith and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII Remake

I’m hopeful it won’t be long before we at least hear about the second chapter, maybe even get some visuals to tide us over. With the engine already built and (presumably) most of the story done, it can be that far off, can it?